For Dark Souls 3, interesting modifications come out quite often. In one of these, for example, users added firearms, and in the second, they increased the difficulty of the last boss. Meanwhile, under the pseudonym Papa Appa, the author swung to a larger scale – he decided to provide Dark Souls 3 with a hefty portion of content. The enthusiast created the BloodSouls Judgment of Ash mod, which adds new locations, bosses, weapons, and so on to the game.

The Papa Appa project takes up 13 GB of free hard disk space, so it’s easy to imagine how much content is implemented in it. The author did not describe in detail what exactly he added to his modification. He only mentioned new bosses, locations, spells, animations, and more than 150 types of weapons. Also, BloodSouls Judgment of Ash is reworking the world’s existing map, but what kind of edits were made to it, Papa Appa did not say.

The enthusiast has posted on his YouTube channel several videos on the additives from the modification. One of them, where the author is fighting against the new boss Arduous Vordt, is given above.

You can download BloodSouls Judgment of Ash from this link on the Nexus Mods website after pre-registration. In the future, the project will acquire new content, as Papa Appa intends to develop it.


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