According to The Verge, a large debris of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket fell on a farm in the US state of Washington, leaving a dent about 10 cm deep in the ground.

Last weekend, the owner of the farm discovered a fallen debris shaped like a large punching bag and called the police. Officials speculated that it was a debris from the second stage of a Falcon 9 launched on March 26.

A large piece of SpaceX rocket falls on a farm in Washington

“Neither the owner of the property, nor our sergeant, of course, are not rocket scientists, but judging by what happened a few days earlier, it seemed to them that it might be the wreckage of a Falcon 9,” the sheriff’s office said.

It was later revealed to be a composite pressure vessel (COPV) that was part of the Falcon 9’s second stage. It separates from the main stage and allows the rocket to carry satellites into space. While most of the second stage parts have been in orbit for years, burning up in the atmosphere, or falling to Earth over the ocean, SpaceX’s rocket debris put on a fantastic light show in the sky last week.

A large piece of SpaceX rocket falls on a farm in Washington

Somehow, a rather large fragment ended up on a farm, the owner of which wished to maintain his anonymity, 160 km from the Pacific coast.

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