You probably know your iPhone quite well. However, some of its hidden features are less known to most users – and they are extremely practical. We’ll show you some of these features and how to get the most out of Apple’s iconic smartphone.

one Customizing your keyboard

Those who like to type with one hand may run into problems due to the size of the iPhone screen. However, if you press and hold the globe icon on your keyboard, you will see keyboard arrow icons.

If you choose one of them, the keyboard will be reduced by about a quarter and will move to the side where the corresponding arrow is pointing – practical for both right-handers and left-handers.

There will be no problems with special keys for “one-handed” input when the corresponding option is activated. You can access this feature with Settings> General> Keyboard> One-handed keyboard

iphone keyboard for one hand
Flexible iPhone keyboard

2 Drive Safely with Do Not Disturb Mode

You may not be aware of the existence of such a mode of your smartphone as “Do not disturb”… In general, few people know that the iPhone can independently recognize that you are currently driving a car. In such a situation, it is important not to be distracted by news or other notifications from applications.

In chapter Settings> Do Not Disturb check the box “Do not disturb while driving”… What’s especially convenient is that you can also send your contacts an automatic reply with any text. Then the sender will know that you are on the way, but you see his message and reply as soon as you park.

By the way, if you connect your iPhone to the hands-free system via Bluetooth or cable, the function “Do not disturb” is activated automatically.

Silence mode in iPhone

3 Disable message read report

If you do not want the sender to know that you have read his text message, you can turn off the message read confirmation function individually for each contact.

Tap the info icon in the upper-right corner of your message history. Here you can deactivate the report for this chat.

IPhone Message Read Report
IPhone Message Read Report

four The dark side of the iPhone

On any iPhone, you can lower the screen contrast if the white is too bright for you.

If you prefer darker colors, you’ll love the color inversion feature. In chapter Settings> General> Accessibility> Display settings hidden function “Color inversion”

Here you can set the classic color inversion, then all colors will be reversed. If you choose Smart Invert instead, the colors on the screen are also inverted, but this will not happen for images, media files, or applications that already use dark colors.

Iphone color inversion
Change iPhone colors to contrasting colors

five Roulette

With this simple tool, you can measure and add distances on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Have you started buying furniture and need to find out the parameters of a niche for it? Take out your iPhone, turn on the app, point the camera, and the problem is solved.

6 Building level

The construction tool built into the smartphone is an extremely handy feature. To use it, launch the Roulette application and select the Level function in it.

7 Photo function while shooting video

If you need to capture a good shot while you are filming a video on your iPhone, press the white shutter button on the screen.

8 Search on page

It is very difficult to find the information you need on pages with a lot of text. This is where the page search comes in handy. Here’s where to find it.

By the way, recently we talked about how to find a lost iPhone. This article will show you how to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

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