EA Games in the comments CNN reported that she was attacked by hackers. They stole more than 780 GB of information, including the source code for the Frostbite engine, according to EA representatives. It runs games like FIFA, Madden NFL and Battlefield. Thus, the company confirmed the words of the publication Vicewho first reported the theft.

Despite the theft, the company assured reporters that no user data had been stolen and that confidentiality was fine.

However, experts believe that the theft of the source code is fraught with quick hacking of games that run on this engine. That is, EA Games will suffer significant financial losses because of what happened.

The attackers did not make any claims to EA. According to company representatives, all the necessary improvements to the security system have already been made.

According to the Telegram channel “Information Leaks”referenced by Meduza, the stolen data has already been put up for sale on the darknet. Hackers are asking for $ 28 million in bitcoins.

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