$ 70 Handheld Printer Lets You Print Images Even On Food

Xiaomi Youpin is raising funds for DIY PrinterPods

A fundraising campaign has begun on the Xiaomi Youpin platform for a new portable handheld printer that will allow you to print text and images on almost any surface.

The DIY PrinterPods Portable Printer isn’t just limited to paper, it can be used on cups, mobile devices, clothing, and even skin. It uses special inks that can be applied to skin, food, and clothing. The surface or object being printed does not have to be completely flat, which makes the product truly versatile. This means you can also print on curved surfaces. PrinterPods Portable DIY Printer is only 95mm long.

$ 70 handheld printer lets you print images even on food

The case has an elegant design and is comfortable to use. Its main advantage is that you can print anytime, even on the go. The printer accepts a variety of inks including invisible, edible, and waterproof.

$ 70 handheld printer lets you print images even on food

Owners can use the default fonts and templates from the included apps, or simply add their own by uploading images. It is currently available for pre-order for $ 72.

Source: Gizmochina

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