In modern PCs, SSDs are increasingly used as a system drive. Such a drive is faster than a traditional HDD, so the loading and operating speed of the OS will be higher. But data of large volumes can be stored on a classic hard drive for several terabytes.

If you look at the solid-state market, it seems that they are all very similar, and you can buy the first one that comes along. However, it is not. We have already told you how to choose an SSD yourself, so this time we will list only the main selection criteria. And also, here are a few models that are worth considering first.

What to look for?


In our opinion, 512GB is the optimal storage capacity for an SSD. Firstly, such solutions are quite affordable, and you will not overpay much for the most modest 128 GB solid-state drives. Secondly, this size is enough to install any software, drivers, and other software. You don’t have to clean the system every month from accumulated debris to free up space.

Also, don’t forget about gaming. It is generally accepted that an SSD does not increase the number of frames per second, and therefore it is not necessary for games. However, when using a solid-state device, the frame rate becomes more stable due to quick access to the game files’ drive. Also, the launch time of levels decreases, and the problem with non-loaded textures disappears.

You shouldn’t install all games on an SSD. Especially considering the modern industry’s appetite, when some projects require several hundred gigabytes for their needs. But you can throw a couple of your favorite games on a solid-state device. 128GB or 256GB SSDs are unlikely to do this. And a 512GB drive can do that.


It is known that SSDs are several times faster than HDDs, but do they also differ in speed? How much performance is enough? We believe that even the most affordable options with 500 MB / s read and write speeds can satisfy the vast majority of users’ needs. For everyday tasks and gaming, this is quite enough.

There is no point in overpaying a few thousand rubles for an NVMe drive to save a few seconds when loading the operating system. Windows 10 with a regular SSD connected via the SATA 6 interface will boot up in 10-15 seconds. A speed of several thousand MB / s is useful only for professional tasks.

Memory type

Today the SSD market has three main types of memory that are used in 99% of drives:

  • MLC – the most expensive option, which is common in premium segment models. It has the largest resource compared to its counterparts. But it costs significantly more.
  • TLC – a mid-budget type of memory that is installed in most drives. Designed for fewer rewriting cycles (compared with MLC) but has a more affordable price tag.
  • QLC – appeared on the market relatively recently. Its goal is to reduce the cost of solid-state drives. Among all three types, as a rule, it has the most modest performance indicators and is not designed for a long service life. But these SSDs are the cheapest.
This is not to say that any particular type of memory is better than its counterparts. Each has its own pros and cons, and therefore you can choose any. It all depends on the purpose of the drive. Also, pay attention to the release date. Newer QLC devices may have better performance than MLC models released 5 years ago.

The best SSD models on the market

GoodRAM 512 GB (SSDPR-CX400-512)

The CX400 line can be considered a budget classic as it is one of the most affordable options with good speed performance. The user can choose from one of 4 volumes: 128, 256, 512, and 1024 GB – in our case, this is a 2.5-inch form factor. The read speed is the same for all models: 550 MB / s. And the write speed differs only in the junior representative: 450 MB / s, while the others have a little more – 490 MB / s.

If we talk specifically about the 512 GB model, according to your needs, the drive will take up not much space, and you will get 478 GB. Of course, the memory type here is TLC since this is the budget segment. However, the MTBF is longer than typical for this type of memory. According to the assurances of the developers, the SSD will last at least 2,000,000 hours.

Patriot Memory 512 GB (PS512GPM280SSDR)

If you have a free M.2 connector on your motherboard, it is unreasonable to choose an SSD with a SATA connection type. Patriot offers a budget model that offers excellent performance – 1,700 MB / s reading and 950 MB / s writing. Moreover, this drive is not particularly expensive than the previous one.

In terms of other characteristics, it is identical to the GoodRAM model. However, the maximum available capacity in the lineup is 512 GB. The manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years, and the speed indicators do not fall if you do not exceed 90% of the device’s capacity.

Intel 512 GB (SSDPEKNW512G8)

As an alternative to the previous drive, you can consider the option from Intel. This SSD appeared in 2018, but it is still on sale and in demand among buyers. The speed is similar: 1500 MB / s reading and 1000 MB / s writing.

However, unlike the previous option, you will receive a 5-year warranty, as well as proprietary data encryption technology. The disadvantages include QLC memory, as a result of which the drive cannot boast of a long runtime between failures. It is 1,600,000 hours.

Patriot Memory Viper 512 GB (VPN100-512GM28H)

Patriot has not only budget solutions. Professional tasks require a drive with high read and write speeds. For this model, these figures are at the level of 3300 and 2200 Mb / s, respectively. The VPN100 line includes 4 sizes: 256, 512, 1024, and 2048 GB.

As with the previous Patriot, you only get a 3-year warranty. But here, the total number of bytes written is much larger. It equals 800 TB, which is a very high figure. The model is also equipped with a built-in heatsink, thanks to which the drive practically does not heat up.

Samsung 970 PRO 512 GB (MZ-V7P512BW)

For lovers of the best deals on the market, we also have a suitable model. Samsung’s device has an outstanding performance: 3500 MB / s reading and 2300 MB / s writing. Simultaneously, the speed practically does not change when working with small files, which are difficult for most SSDs.

This drive is also distinguished by high shock resistance during operation, which is equal here to 1500 G. The type of memory matches the rest of the characteristics. Here, the developer installed an MLC with a proprietary Samsung Phoenix controller.

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