The most functional voice assistant among those officially presented in Russia. Alice, developed by Yandex, speaks Russian, supports Russian-language services, runs on Android and iOS, and can manage Smart Home systems from different manufacturers. Household appliances and electronics with Alice on board are produced by Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Polaris, Redmond, Philips and other popular companies.

When performing voice commands, Alice uses Yandex services: she searches for information in the browser of the same name, finds out the weather on Yandex.Weather, traffic data in Yandex.Maps, searches for music using an application from Yandex, and so on. So if you actively use these services and have a Yandex.Plus subscription, you will be able to use Alice to the fullest.

We also note that it is this voice assistant that is now being actively integrated into smart speakers in Russia. In addition to the main functions of an assistant, Alice can also become an entertainment center: play riddles with children, tell fairy tales and anecdotes, and even make toasts. A complete list of Alice’s features can be found at her Yandex page


  • speaks and jokes in Russian
  • works with Yandex services
  • supported by household appliances for the Russian market


  • the application must be installed separately
  • not suitable for those who use Google or Apple services more

Google Assistant

Google’s voice assistant is installed by default on all Android smartphones with GMS support – as it is developed by the same company that produces the operating system. Usually, the Assistant is offered to be configured when the device is turned on for the first time, saying “Okay, Google” several times. And then the assistant is launched either by voice command, or by long pressing the Home button.

It is logical that when working, he turns to Google services – searches for videos on YouTube, builds a route using Google maps, and so on. Also, the Assistant is supported by many household appliances – for example, appliances from the Mi Home ecosystem.

If you think about who is better, Alice or Google Assistant, then you can start from the user’s preferences: if you often use search, navigator and other Yandex services, then you should put Alice on your phone. If you are loyal to Gmail, Google Maps and listen to YouTube Music, then it would be more logical to use the native Assistant. By the way, Google’s assistant also works on iPhones, however, its application will need to be installed separately.


  • speaks Russian
  • supports smart home systems
  • works with Google services
  • installed by default on Android gadgets


  • not suitable for those who use Yandex or Apple services more


Apple’s assistant, which is the default on iPhones and iPads. Its main advantage is that Siri works with Apple’s system apps – you can use it to answer calls and messages, create notes and reminders, set alarms, get directions, and so on. Siri is compatible with Apple Watch and can even help you find your lost AirPods.

When comparing which voice assistant is better, Alice or Siri, again you need to consider which services you use more often. If you do not use Apple services and work, for example, with Yandex Maps, it will be more convenient for you to use Alice and not Siri. Siri also only supports Apple Music, which requires a paid subscription. In theory, you can create quick commands for an assistant to work with applications – but this is done at the development level using the SiriKit toolkit.


  • speaks Russian
  • Supports Apple Smart Home System
  • works with Apple services
  • installed by default on Apple gadgets


  • not suitable for those who use Yandex or Google services more
  • does not work on Android devices


An assistant developed by the Russian company The service is young, but it is already actively being introduced into household appliances and even has its own smart column – the Capsule. In terms of the set of functions, Marusya resembles Alice, but uses the services of her native company – Mail search and mail, VKontakte music, Wink online cinema. The assistant knows how to tell news and horoscopes, set alarms and reminders, make riddles and play words.

The Marusi application is not part of any system and is installed separately. Conveniently, it is available for iOS and Android, and even for Huawei / Honor devices, as it is presented in the AppGallery. However, Alice is there too.


  • speaks Russian
  • works with services


  • not suitable for those who use other services more
  • the application must be installed separately

Assistant Dusya

Dusi’s Assistant App available on Google Play only for owners of Android smartphones. The assistant will appeal to geeks and amateurs to customize the functions of the program on their own, and not be content with a standard set. The application already has more than 150 ready-made scripts that automatically launch various smartphone functions: navigation, calendar, notes, and so on.

You can also control Dusya using a PC or a Telegram chat by sending text commands to it. The assistant also recognizes gesture control and supports launching functions directly from the widget. The main advantage of Dusi is the ability to configure scripts for almost any application on a smartphone.


  • understands Russian, you can customize the functions to your liking
  • supports commands from Telegram and from PC


  • you need to understand the script settings
  • you need a paid version (free only works for a week)

Amazon Alexa

The American voice assistant first appeared on Amazon smart speakers. They are not for sale in Russia, moreover, Alexa’s program is not in our app stores. You can only install it on your smartphone if a different country is specified in your Apple or Google account.

The assistant does not speak Russian and does not support domestic services like Yandex and However, you can use it if you speak the commands in English. With Alexa, you can play music from Apple Music and Spotify, create to-do lists, edit your calendar and search for information on the Internet – in general, everything is the same as with “our” voice assistants.

Interestingly, the assistant from Amazon supports Xiaomi smart home devices – so it can be used to control bulbs, vacuum cleaners and other appliances from the Mi Home ecosystem.


  • supports Apple and Spotify services
  • works with Xiaomi smart home


  • does not officially work in Russia
  • does not speak Russian

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