An unexpected vacation (not to mention the transition to remote work) freed up quite a lot of time. Considering that it is optimal to stay at home these days, we have outlined a list of important things to do, which in “ordinary life” we always put off “for later.” Now is the time to tackle them – and they will be useful, and you will not be bored.

one Clean up the system unit

If you haven’t opened the system manager for the last six months, do it. You have two options: either vacuuming all the components along with the body itself, or growing potatoes there in case of global quarantine. We are for the first option. They even prepared a guide: take a screwdriver and a vacuum cleaner in your hands, and get down to business!

2. Clear the debris and free up the hard drive

Just go to your Downloads folder and see how much junk has accumulated there. How many cats and memes do you have in your gallery on your smartphone? While you have time, deal with these space-consuming files. Here in this article we told you how to do it.

If something is of great value to you, and you are not ready to part with it, you can transfer gigabytes of photos and files to cloud storage. Moreover, CHIP already has an overview of the most popular ones – all that remains is to choose.

3 Check your computer for viruses

The problem is that such a check takes a long time, and if the computer is weak, then all the resources are spent on scanning. Checking at night is also not always convenient: coolers make noise and interfere with sleep. So, while you are thinking about what to do at home and how not to get infected with coronaviruses, think about computer viruses. Moreover, it is much easier to deal with them: it is not even necessary to buy something. For example, here is a selection of free antiviruses.

four Service your computer

In addition to checking for viruses, it is useful to periodically service the computer. If you don’t know how to do this, you can trust programs like AVG TuneUp… It might be worth approaching the issue globally and reinstalling Windows. It’s not as difficult as it sounds – especially when our guide is at hand.

Other simple tasks that will help speed up your computer are disk defragmentation. It also takes time, but, fortunately, you have heaps of it.

five Test entertainment and educational services

When else, if not now? Many of them made premium access free, so you can see what each has, compare the usability and quality of the content … We figured out in advance which services really opened interesting subscriptions, and which ones made an appearance.

And, of course, you need to get ready for work. We also thought about this and made a short article on how to organize a home office. The main thing is to remember that all problems are temporary! Share in the comments what you do during your forced vacation?

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