The performance is very impressive.

With the release of computers on the SoC M1, Apple has proven that such platforms can be more powerful than classic CPUs, and at the same time, much more energy efficient. This success will likely make a big difference in the PC market in a short time. 

5 GHz processor with 1 watt power consumption.  Micro Magic showed its development based on RISC-V architecture

And one of the alternatives is the RISC architecture. Micro Magic has shown a unique processor with RISC-V architecture. Its uniqueness is that it operates at a frequency of 5 GHz with a power consumption of 1 W. The processor contained only one core. 

And this did not stop him from scoring about 13,000 points in CoreMarks at 5 GHz at 1.1 V and approximately 11,000 points at 4.25 GHz and 0.8 V with a power consumption of about 200 mW. The maximum frequency at 1.1V voltage can reach 5.19 GHz. 

The processor’s makers say they get around 55,000 points per watt using the EEMBC test, while the Apple M1 only gets about 100 points per watt. True, this is from the representative of the company Andy Huang (Andy Huang). In the comments to the original article, users write that the data for the Apple M1 has nothing to do with reality. Allegedly, the Apple M1 scores about 10,000 points per watt and 33,000 points per watt for the platform’s energy-efficient and high-performance processor cores, respectively. In any case, the performance is lower than that of the Micro Magic solution, and with 15 times more power consumption.  

Considering the incredible power efficiency, Micro Magic could create a 25-core processor with 5W power consumption, and what the results of such a solution will be is anyone’s guess. 

Source: EETimes

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