It is unnecessary to look for links to installation files for applications in the car radio: you need to download them from the Google Play store. With the help of these programs, you can significantly increase the functionality of the multimedia system.

AGAMA Car Launcher

Among the most interesting applications for a car radio on Android is the AGAMA launcher. Unlike similar programs for a smartphone or tablet, this one is designed specifically for installation on head units and radio tape recorders of vehicles.
Among the features of AGAMA Car Launcher are:

  • laconic style, which is perfect for the car, and flexible control settings;
  • speedometer widgets located on the screen with speed determination based on GPS, compass, and navigator readings;
  • 24 buttons for quick launch of the main programs;
  • a music player widget that launches most audio playback applications;
  • displays information about Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile network connection, GPS parameters, and battery charge.

The launcher offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the weather and launch the voice assistant, automatically adjusts the brightness, and saves the settings. The latest version introduces a universal media player and auto-play music function.

The only drawback of the application is the 30-day free period, after which you will only be able to use it for a fee. However, the cost of the AGAMA Car Launcher doesn’t bite much and is only $ 1.99.


You don’t have to buy a real radar detector to get information about cameras and radars on the road. Sometimes it is enough to download and use an application such as Radarbot for free, which works in real-time and has several useful features:

  • notification of stationary and tunnel radars, patrol and traffic light cameras;
  • warning about dangerous areas;
  • sound alert about speeding;
  • automatic activation of power-saving mode, in which the screen is turned off, but the application is running.

Among the features of Radarbot are a simple and functional menu, voice prompts, and fully customizable alert settings. And also – fairly high reliability of the data by the information provided by the users themselves.

The free version of the program differs from the paid one only in the absence of advertising.

Yandex.Navigator – traffic jams and GPS navigation

One of the best navigation software for car radio. Completely free and does not require additional purchases. It will be a good addition to the software of the head unit of any car, including taxis. In addition to the basic capabilities, truck drivers also allow them to find out where their vehicle will not be able to pass.

The list of the main features of Yandex.Navigator includes:

  • selection of the optimal route;
  • offline routing – although for this you will have to download a map of the area in advance;
  • getting useful information on the road – about cameras, traffic jams, and even the weather;
  • speed control and Overspeed warning.

You can control the navigator using Alice’s voice assistant. The maps in the app are constantly updated to improve navigation accuracy. It is possible to search for parking spots and save the history of all destinations, which will be available not only on the multimedia car device but also on the driver’s phone.

Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car)

An application that provides the maximum possibilities is a free utility (there is also a paid version). The list of the most useful programs for a car radio on Android Torque Lite should be attributed to the ability to receive error codes and data from several car control sensors in real-time. What makes this application almost irreplaceable is the ability to export log files to Google Earth.

The program works with cars of almost all famous brands, including European, American, and Chinese. The difference between the paid version, which will cost $ 4.95, is support for USB ELM diagnostic adapters and receiving information from the ABS. And also – control of the temperature of the gearbox, torque, and acceleration speed.

Although it will not be possible to completely replace real diagnostics in a car service with such software, its functions are quite enough for monitoring the state of the vehicle.

Where is my car?

In the list of the most useful car radio programs, you can also include an application from the SLAVINTODRON company. It is by the manufacturer that it can be distinguished from many programs with similar names that are found in the Google Play store.

The application’s main task is to search for cars left in parking lots, parking lots, and in completely unfamiliar places. “Where is my car” will help you to find a car, filled up after a heavy snowfall, and even in the forest.

To use the utility, you first have to remember the car’s current position on the map, and during searches, turn on GPS. An Internet connection is required for normal operation. When searching for a car in multi-level parking lots or densely built-up conditions, the search accuracy decreases. However, among other free Android apps, this is the best option.

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