One Twitter user posted an image of a brand new DJI drone – the new product is called the Mini SE and looks very similar to the DJI Mavic Mini. An insider wonders if this drone will become the most affordable in the company’s lineup. A Chinese source believes that the cost of new items may be below the $ 300 mark.

2.7K video recording and 30 minutes of flight for less than $ 300.  DJI prepares its cheapest drone - Mini SE

As the most affordable DJI drone, the Mavic Mini will not get an obstacle avoidance system, but the rest of the characteristics look good: the 12-megapixel sensor will record video with a resolution of up to 2.7K, of course, there is a stabilization system. The maximum flight time is 30 minutes, the range is 4 km. There is no data on when the DJI Mini SE will be presented, but since a photo of the retail version of the box has been published, the premiere will take place very soon.

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