If you have chosen a power tool at least once, you have probably noticed that different models are designed for different voltages. For example, the simplest screwdrivers and screwdrivers operate on 10.8 V batteries, while semi-professional counterparts use 18 V and even more. Does it even make a difference what voltage the battery of a power tool has?

The higher the voltage, the higher the power

The power of a power tool is directly related to the battery voltage. The higher the voltage, the higher the power. An 18-volt battery will be noticeably heavier than a 12-volt battery of the same capacity. And the weight of the tool can play a fundamental role – for example, if you work with it in hard-to-reach places or at a height.

It’s believed that 10.8 and 12 V models refer to basicsuitable for household use and auxiliary professional work.

Value 18 V – the optimal choice for installers, furniture assemblers, builders and craftsmenwho use the tool heavily. In this segment, users find the perfect balance between power and weight of the battery.
36V and 40V models are usually taken if weight is not so important, but more power is needed… In terms of power, such a power tool is close to network models.

Maxim Sokolov, online expert ...

Manufacturers have entire lines of power tools that work with standard batteries. So I advise you to immediately decide on the voltage, so that in the future you can simply buy an instrument of the same line and not spend money on a battery. Don’t chase high values ​​unless you’re a pro. Models for 18 and more volts will be 12-14.4 more expensive than “household” ones, and even heavier.

Together with Maxim, we examined the assortment and chose the most attractive lines for different occasions.

Ryobi ONE + 18V

Despite the relatively high voltage, this technique is positioned as a household one. Indeed, many users work a lot and often as a tool, performing work at home or in the country. There are more than 150 models in the series – from screwdrivers to garden equipment. One universal battery fits all. You can refill the kit without overpaying for the battery and charger.

Bosch Professional 12V

A series of compact 12-volt cage-type battery models perfect for furniture builders, auto mechanics, decorators and other craftsmen who don’t need a massive and powerful tool. In terms of endurance and build quality, such models are not inferior to their 18-volt counterparts. This means that they are not considered household only because of the voltage value.

Metabo Pick & Mix 18V

Professional range of 18V tools. Batteries and tools are designed for heavy loads. The batteries are interchangeable here and do not require the purchase of a new charger. This applies to all 18 V batteries manufactured since 2009 by Metabo.

Black + Decker DualVolt 18/54 V

In their own way, the unique DualVolt series batteries can produce both 18 and 54 V. With such a battery you have more options for choosing a power tool of the same brand: accordingly, you can use an 18-volt line, and, if necessary, buy professional equipment for 54 V. And that’s it. it will run on one battery.

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