10 Secret Passageways Hidden Panic Rooms that will make you Green with Envy

Seen the movie Panic Room with Jodi Foster? Ever wanted your own panic room?

Millionaires, home owners, celebrities and high end hotels across America are employing Creative Home Engineering LLC, a company that specializes in mechanical doors & safe rooms, to install theirs. (Video at bottom of page.)

All the images we present to you here are safe rooms created by Creative Home Engineering. They build them all across the world.

Even a mirror can be used to create a secret passageway, with bullet proof doors to keep home invaders out.

The company uses a magnesium-steel composite for their armor plated systems to provide high-security protections. The doors provide protection equivalent to Underwriters Laboratories Level 5 standard, which for the uneducated among us, like myself, it can resist .30 caliber / 7.62 mm rifle fire.

Secret room or impressive wine cellar? The company has also been known to build secret doors leading to safe rooms in brick stone walls for maximum disguise.

Existing woodwork can be matched so the secure rooms don’t stick out and attract unwanted attention.

Above: A secret room built into a commercial office building.

Like something out of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – a pre-made wardrobe with secret trap door can be installed against a spare room door way to create a fun children’s play room or panic room for them.

Above: One of their pre-constructed units placed under a modern staircase to create yet another camouflaged panic room.

Biometric finger print systems can also be installed to limit who can enter the room and to record who goes in and out of the room.

Vault doors have a 10-point manually retracting 1-inch diameter metal pins. Meaning that these doors provide the highest level of security you could want in a home invasion. As mentioned above they can also be fitted with armor plating and hidden CCTV cameras which you can view on monitors from within the security of the panic room.

The company says their basic projects start at $6500 and increase in price the more complex the requirments.

If you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to create a secret panic room in your house, the company also has pre-made units, as seen above, which can be shipped to you and self-installed. All you need is a bedroom, closet or spare room you can use to convert into a secret room.

Similar to something out of a James Bond movie, secret trap door fireplaces can also be created to really impress your friends!

Creative Home Engineering is based in Gilbert, AZ and more information can be found on their website HiddenPassageway.com

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