10 products that we always have at home

These ten products are always at our place. Among them – seven edible, one perfect hair brush, the most favorite shampoo and toothpaste.

  1. Beetroot bread from “Vkusvilla” “Parisian Dream” – one of the most delicious bread in Moscow. Crispy, without yeast and without flour. And without increased rigidity – crumbs do not scratch the throat, as is often the case with bread.
  2. Butter and cottage cheese “Ruza milk” – if we buy dairy products from cow’s milk, then most often this company.
  3. Clipper green tea bags – classic or with aloe. For me, this tea is tastier than any loose tea. I try not to get involved in caffeine, but I drink one or two cups of green tea almost every day.
  4. Unfiltered olive oil “Il Grezzo” Costa d’Oro – very tasty, with a pronounced aroma of olives. Ideal for salads and side dishes. We also love olive oil De Cecco and Filippo Berio.
  5. Jerusalem artichoke syrup 365 detox – most often I use it as a sweetener. I add my daughter to the cottage cheese, to cheesecakes and corn pancakes. It has a low glycemic index and a pleasant caramel flavor.
  6. Whole-grain corn and spelled flour from Vkusvilla is always at our place. Cornmeal is great for pancakes, spade – for cheesecakes and cookies. For the Garnets brand, for some reason corn flour quickly becomes rancid; for the flour from Vkusvilla there is no such problem.
  7. Gluten and Refined Sugar Free Cookies 365detox I always have in my bag, at home in the kitchen cabinet and in the office. At the heart are chickpea flour, cashew and green buckwheat flour. Without eggs and milk. I love nuts, and my daughter makes herself a “sandwich” of nuts and chocolate.
  8. Marvis Toothpaste – it contains SLS, but with it the teeth really turn white. And the best toothbrush is Curaprox.
  9. Wooden Acca Kappa hair brush – it combs your hair perfectly and massages your head. After a year of active combing, the cloves begin to fly out, and I go to Cosmotheca for the next one.
  10. Kevin Murphy Shampoo – I’ve been washing my hair with Plumping line shampoo for three years now. And I don’t use balms or hair masks. In search of variety, I try shampoos of other brands once a month, but each time I give them to my husband 😬.


This article was originally published at: SalatShop, this is a translated version.

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