The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this Monday approved Blue Origin’s license to transport people on New Shepard spaceships.

The agency has confirmed that Blue Origin has the right to transport people, with the FAA license valid until the end of August and allowing it to launch from the Blue Origin Launch Site One in Texas. Blue Origin previously had to ensure that the hardware and software of its launch vehicle was operating safely during a test flight. The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has confirmed that everything is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

It has also been confirmed that former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will, as planned, go into space in the first manned New Shepard spacecraft on July 20, that is, in a week.

10 days before the first manned launch, Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos received a license to space travel for humans

Blue Origin will fly a little over a week after space tourism company Virgin Galactic made its first successful flight. The ship Unity-22 with the founder of Virgin Galactic Richard Branson and several other astronauts lifted to an altitude of 86 km and then landed at Spaceport America in New Mexico. Blue Origin said earlier that it does not recognize this flight as space, since the “boundary of space” (Karman’s line) begins at an altitude of 100 km.

The Swiss investment bank UBS estimates that the space tourism market will grow to $ 3 billion a year in ten years.

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