The Google Play app store has a huge number of games, both paid and free, with different ratings and number of downloads, not to mention genres. So in this variety, everyone can find something to their taste and mood. But if you do not know what you want, then you can safely download one of the ten games presented below and you definitely won’t be mistaken – each will help pass the time.

Call of Duty: Mobile

A legendary game that needs no introduction and is familiar, probably, even to those who are far from computer and mobile games. The series, which grew out of a WWII shooter, has evolved into a huge family of games, with plots spanning from World War II and the fight against modern terrorism to battles in space and hypothetical wars of the future.

Launched in 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile has absorbed the best of the PC version and rightly entered the top of the best mobile games, becoming the second best start for smartphone games in history. The shareware model of Call of Duty: Mobile allows you to play it without any investment, but if you want to plunge into the world of battles seriously and for a long time, then there are opportunities for accelerated pumping of your character for real money.

Civilization VI

If you prefer the thoughtful development of your own civilization to active movements around the map and short-term fire contacts, then Civilization VI is for you. This is the mobile version of the cult turn-based strategy game of the same name for the computer.

The official version of the game has been released for iOS and game consoles Xbox, Sony and Nintendo, but the strategy has also been adapted for Android. This did not affect the quality of the game, but you will have to pay for the pleasure – the free version of the mobile Civilization VI has restrictions that are removed with the purchase of add-ons that bring new campaigns to the game.

Fire emblem heroes

The most recent part of the popular series of games from Nintendo, which appeared in the 80s, and with the development of smartphones and the gaming industry for mobile devices has found a new life. Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical RPG set in a vibrant setting with numerous characters to evolve to turn your next adventures into the world of the game into even more exciting and eventful ones.

If you are already familiar with the Nintendo gaming universe – feel free to download, if Fire Emblem Heroes is something unfamiliar to you, then … download it too. Great storyline and game mechanics, combined with ease of learning and player friendliness, will give you the ability to quickly get up to speed and decide if these games are right for you or not.

Forgotten memories

For those who miss the glory days of Silent Hill and are looking for ways to tickle their nerves, Forgotten Memories has been created. It is available on both iOS and Android, so owners of any smartphones have the opportunity to be really scared.

Psychological horror, which would do honor to computer and console games, skillfully combines a shooter, various riddles and a high-quality atmosphere that will not leave indifferent any fan of the genre.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Another cult game that needs no introduction and is known even to those who have never played computer games and are not fond of games on smartphones. In general, there are mobile versions of other parts of GTA, including the iconic III and Vice City, so you can choose the game that evokes the warmest memories.

And if the amount of memory on your smartphone and the amount of free time allows, then you can download everything – you will definitely not regret it if Grand Theft Auto appears on your gadget.

GRID Autosport

The segment of racing simulators for smartphones is rich in high-quality games, but one of the best among its kind is GRID Autosport. Despite the fact that it was released in 2019, like Call of Duty: Mobile, the simulator remains popular to this day.

The secret lies in the excellent graphics and controls, support for gamepads and a variety of content – different cars, different racing disciplines. And if you remember that Codemasters makes the official game for Formula 1 and releases the popular rally simulator Dirt, it becomes obvious that every racing fan should buy GRID Autosport for his smartphone.


A game that is now more than a game. In Minecraft, for example, during the pandemic, the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater staged “The Cherry Orchard” by director Edgar Zakaryan based on the play by Anton Chekhov. But if you are not going to dive so deeply into the world of Minecraft, then you shouldn’t!

That the fan who does not want to break away from his favorite game even far from the computer, that the user who is far from building his own world from three-dimensional cubes, who just wants to get acquainted with the popular game – everyone will find their own in the mobile version of Minecraft. And it will either get involved and become a fan of the game, or delete the application and play something else. But it’s worth a try.

Pokemon go

You might think that the peak in popularity of this game has already passed with 2016, when Pokemon GO literally blew up the mobile entertainment market, but this is not so. The thing is that the game about the universe of fictional, but known to the whole world, monsters over the years is one of the best with augmented reality technology.

And this is that rare case when sitting still, buried in the display of a gadget, is not the best idea in terms of game progress. Pokemon GO encourages its users to walk and spend time actively, allowing in parallel to achieve in-game promotion.

PUBG Mobile

The recipe for the popularity of this mobile game is simple – good graphics, simple and intuitive controls, exciting game mechanics. The goal is simple – to hold out as long as possible among hundreds of rivals, thrown into one island, which is littered with various vehicles, weapons and equipment, and the playing area decreases over time, not allowing you to sit back and wait for active players to do most of the work for you.

Taking into account that PUBG Mobile has already turned from a simple pastime into one of the eSports disciplines, it is possible that while playing you can discover your gaming talents and start a new career. And there will always be an opportunity to say that you do not play just like that, but train and prepare for the tournament.

AI Dungeon

Perhaps one of the most unusual and insane games not only in this collection, but among all the applications available on Google Play. AI Dungeon can hardly even be called a game, since it is a whole world created by artificial intelligence, where the user was invited to visit.

The text stories that the AI ​​generates allow the player to react to them, thereby changing the course of events, but there is no need to wait for any logic. A great option to feel yourself in an extremely unusual world, where no one – not the player, not even the artificial intelligence itself – knows what will happen next.

As you can see, among the games for Android you can find applications for every taste and wallet, but if you think that some of the games we undeservedly ignored, tell us about it in the comments. By the way, we have many more collections with PC games: for example, the best open-world games or the top RPGs.




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